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June Foray has one of the most familiar voices in the history of television, radio and film.  She's been heard in thousands of animated cartoons, including the classic Rocky & Bullwinkle (in which she voiced Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Natasha Fatale and hundreds of supporting players), Dudley Do-Right (Nell Fenwick), Tweety & Sylvester (Granny), Smurfs (Jokey Smurf, Mother Nature), Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (Aunt May), George of the Jungle (Ursula) and hundreds of other cartoons ranging from the best of Warner Brothers to the most of Jay Ward.

Her incredible career has finally been set down on June herself, with a little help from her friends.  Profusely illustrated with photos out of June's personal files (some, right off her walls), Did You Grow Up With Me, Too? tells the story of how a little lady with a great big voice became a legend of the microphone.  Along the way, you'll hear about the amazing friends she made, including Chuck Jones, Mel Blanc, Stan Freberg, Daws Butler, Jay Ward, Bill Scott, Paul Frees, Walt Kelly, Dr. Seuss, Steve Allen, Walter Lantz and so many more.

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